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The worst customer service I have ever encountered. I went and purchased a $1800 couch on saturday and shipping was 120.00 - they say they deliver same day.

So between 8- midnight we would be getting our couch so we got rid of the old one. While waiting that night we got a call the truck broke down so we had to reschedule for next evening between 8-12. 1145 pm rolls around and still no couch...we call the call center and they say the driver is 9 minutes away. Well no one ever showed up not even a phone call.

We call and it says closed. We were pretty upset and called Monday morning and spoke with a manager at the call center Adam - he didn't even attempt an excuse or reason as to why that happened and showed no real concern. We told him we wanted it delivered by noon because we had plans and he said he guaranteed it would be there no later than noon. We'll noon came and went and no couch.

We called again and while on hold they play a recording that states how important their customers are. We couldn't get Adam on the phone of course - we got Phyllis who said he never should have guaranteed that and that they do care about their customers but before she worked for them she had a similar experience with them! She said she would find out if we could get a one hour window for delivery and call us back. Meanwhile I wanted to speak with the salesperson who sold me the couch-you can't call the store direct you have to beg the call center to put you through - which they did and even though the salesperson acted more concerned they said at store level there was nothing they could do.

Phyllis never called back so the next call we got Jackie another supposed manager who barely would say a word. I explained everything and she would sit in silence - I kept thinking she hung up because she wouldn't say anything. Finally after much frustration we agreed on an 8-10 pm delivery and if it wasn't there by 10 I wanted my money back with none of their restocking fees! She agreed and if you can even believe it because I couldn't - the couch was NOT delivered!

By that time I was relieved because I had looked at all the terrible reviews this company has and blessing in disguise. I would never recommend this store and cant even believe they are still in business.

Never did they say what can we do to fix this, not really even a sorry just when can you be available for next "delivery" . I'm still just amazed by the whole thing.

Review about: Living Spaces Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $2054.

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I bought a chair on a Saturday at 8:00pm well on Sunday morning dicide that I want it a different color, call the store after all the run around I ask for the manager that never call back insted the cashier call me back ( who's start building a chair on a Sunday I want's to charge u $125 just because you chage your mind on a color on an Sunday) and toll me that I need it to contact 877# and speck with a manager there. What kind of costumer services is this I will never buy anything from them again.

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