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Penn Foster are a bunch of people who will lie and steal from the students anytime they can get by with it. Here is my story. I send in checks larger than my payments are to be to be honest with them and to get my bill paid in full. In Nov. of 2020, I sent them a check which just about paid my account in full. The check was lost in the mail and each time that I got online with the school, I always checked my balance. It bothered me that my one payment didn't reach the school so In Dec. of 2020, I called the school and had a nice talk to them about the payment. The person that I talked to stated that this call was put in my records of the missing payment. I informed the staff member that I would wait until that Friday to see if the check should arrive and if not, I would call back and make the payment good to them. I waited until Monday of the following week and called them and was told that the check didn't come. So I informed them that I would make a over the phone payment and for them to destroy the check if and when it comes. Again I was told that this was placed in my records for the check to be destroyed if and when it comes.

I was balancing my check book in Jan. of 2021 and saw that the original that was lost was cashed in by Penn Foster who were to destroy the check since I made payment over the phone. I called right away and I was treated like some kind of *** I asked for the money to be returned and the lady that I was talking to told me right out that the check was cashed and since it was cashed, there was nothing that they could do for a refund. I stated to her that my money from that check was free money to Penn Foster then and she stated "yes it is". I was lied to one the phone not once, not twice but three times about the check and they stole that money right out from under me even when it was understood that the check was to be destroyed.

Don't go to Penn Foster at all because that is what they do is lie and steal from the students like they did to me. So for me to get my money back is to take another class from this lying, crooked place so that my money will not be free money to them. Don't believe a word they tell you. They tell you one thing and then turn around and lie about it to your face. I know now that is another check comes up missing while being forced to take another class to recover the money they stole from me, I will not make anymore over the phone payments nor replace a check that has been lost. Penn Foster will keep it.

Find another college to go to. Not Penn Foster, the lying and crooked jerks that they are.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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