First off all the prompts are ridiculous!!

I Pressed 4 for warranty...no answer than got a disconnect. Had to start over. I just did all this 2 weeks ago!. You guys called my husband w a case number n said call back left no name or number of who to call??

So hear we go again! I finally got Rachael.

She started asking me all the same questions again! Then said we would have to send photos!!

I exploded at this point and said Rachael!!

Stop...I already told you.. ...you have photos in your file!! I said look....this is our 3rd sofa from Living Spaces since Dec. 2019. They all come with wrinkles... Where do you buy your furniture from?? First sofa delivered w wrinkles, sent back...second sofa deliver with wrinkles too plus they are charging us delivery fees each time! A third sofa was on order to be sent out.

We decided we better go look for a different one. Must be something wrong with that particular sofa!

Found a new beautiful 3 piece gray 2 recliners and a middle piece sofa....paid almost double the price of first sofa! Even bought the warranty program. It was delivered...it too had a few wrinkles!!! OMG! I was ready to scream! What should have been a fun experience in buying new furniture has turned into a nightmare!

So we thought let's try it n maybe these wrinkles might work out some in time. Wrong! It just continues to get worse with time! How embarrassing!

Look we are both in our 70's, both married before, I was a decorator....so trust me between us we have owned and furnished 14 homes! I have never, ever, bought a piece of furniture with wrinkles in it!!

I am sure you can understand our frustration. AND all the time and gas n trips to you store and returning then delivery 3 sofas at 3 separate times is insane. Get you act together already!

Our beautiful brand new $2,000 sofa looks old and worn out after only 2 months! Talk about being livid and unhappy....plus all the hassel... that is us! We would never buy another thing from Living Space and would never refer your company!

We loved the style, the fabric, the comfort, n just everything about our sofa. We do not want a different sofa we just want the wrinkles to be gone permanently. We are disappointed beyond words!

We are ready to do a campaign against your store or a commercial featuring "all the wrinkled sofas" that we received! This is extremely poor customer service all the way around n the way we have been treated is ridiculous.

Rachael stated someone dropped the first call w photos n did not get appt. set up.

I apologized to her for my tone n attitude as I knew it was not her fault but I am just soooo frustrated! She was very pleasant and understood.

Who is the President, the CEO, and the CFO of Living Spaces? Please send me all the names, addresses and emails please. They need to know their products are for *** too!


Pamela and Ritch Long

Location: Sun City, Arizona

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