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Friday, 10/19/2018, 11 a.m. my wife and I along with our granddaughter ( second daughters child) met our daughter and her husband at the Huntington Beach store as they were shopping for a new coach. Our granddaughter is 15 months old and toddles about, needless to say it was a challenge to keep her safe and free of damaging the nick-naks.

The sales associate informed me there was a play area for kids within the store, so I took my granddaughter hoping this would be a safe area for her to walk and not damage anything. The play area was not staffed, there were no children in the room, it took six minutes to have a clerk show up. I was then informed that I would have to leave my granddaughter unaccompanied in the room with the store clerk, that I could not go in the room. I explained that was not really age appropriate and asked to speak with a manager.

I man came out, did not introduce himself, made no other explanation than that was store policy. I could leave her in the care of a clerk, I told him that was not age appropriate and having spent 33 years in the classroom teaching I would not trust my granddaughter to the vetting and background checks of your company. I pointed out there were no other children in the room. Again no apology basically nothing but an attitude that said *** off old man.

At that point I simply said, well I guess that makes the room pretty worthless, at that point he steps up on me and challenges "why does that make it worthless". I was holding my granddaughter at the time, when he closed distance as if to threaten me physically. At that point I took my granddaughter and left the store. I will never enter one of your stores again. And will advise anyone considering a furniture purchase to check out the large number of complaints against Living Spaces.

Product or Service Mentioned: Living Spaces Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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