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I purchased living room furniture AND the GREAT 5 year warranty, promising everything to be covered if I have a problem. over $2,500. The problems I have should be covered by the manufacturer, but it is over 1 yr old. I called the warranty place, explaining ALL my problems, which I did have with each piece. I was given an excuse for each problem that it should be covered by the manufacture, but it's over a year old. The warranty doesn't cover anything but accidents, but everything the warranty paper given to the customer states condicts itself at the bottom portion of the letter. The service person at the warranty place gives an excuse for any and EVERY reason why THEY don't cover it.... SO, what good IS the 5 year warranty ??? I called customer service at Living Spaces and got a lady on the phone, ALSO giving every reason why they cover the problem and if they do do anything for you, they charge you for pick up, delivery AGAIN, repair problem depending on WHAT it is AND they CHARGE $65. and hour with a minimum of 3 hours. SO, is it really like OH WELL, just throw your 1 1/2 year old furniture to the curb and COME and buy NEW funiture and DON'T FORGET THAT"" GREAT 5 YR. WARRANTY THAT COVERS EVERYTHING", never have to worry about anything for 5 years. BULL ! I don't think this is right to be able to do to people and get away with it. At least they should give back the money for that warranty, go back to the manufacturer to complain about the quality of the furniture, BUT really they should HELP THEIR customer with what ever problem they have !!!!! I'm going to go to BBB or where ever to KEEP complaining about this..... Thanks for listening !!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Living Spaces Repair.

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I just dealt with the same warranty company. They won't cover my furniture that I paid $3,500.00 for the warranty was an extra $411.00 total cost $3911.00 spring going, color fading on the leather, stitching coming out, and you sink down about 6 inches when you sit down. So uncomfortable




First, my insight comes from performing in-home furniture repair services, to many warranty companies, furniture retailers, and manufactures.

First things first, if you bothered to read the terms of the 5 year warranty agreement at the time of purchase you would have understood what specific issues it covers and what it does not cover, and the reporting requirements you must follow usually a number of days to report the damage.

I find it so common today, ignorant people like you whom think you are owed something because your lazy and ignorant, rather than let's say read the warranty agreement your purchasing so you have a basic understanding what is covered and what's not. or just maybe looking up the manufacture's warranty which on most upholstered furniture the warranty length will very most cover wood frame damage for 7 years, foam and upholstery and misc. for 1 year.

Most ignorant people expect others to simply take care of them.

odd that ignorant people always just claim they have a problem that others should take care of and fail to ever mention what the specific issue or problem is, once again


The sales people that SELL the warranties deceived customers as to what was covered when they were pushing warranties. It isn't ignorance it is trust.

I asked specific questions about if scenarios were covered. YES was the answer everytime. After we got home, I sat down and read the fine print. Not one of my questions was answered truthfully.

I cancelled the warranty and had to battle to get a refund, even thought the furniture hadn't even been delivered.

I work in insurance, I understand the language. A customer has a reasonable expectation that they aren't being lied to....


I am having the same problem. The frame of my couch broke.

It's a year and a half old. I paid for the extra insurance but they say it's covered through the manufacturer warranty. They refuse to help me.

They say it's no longer covered by warranty. We need to have something done.

@Monic serrano

Just got and email this morning from the warranty company;

This is to inform you as of February 10th, 2017, Service USA is hereby denying any warranty contract that was purchased through Living Spaces. Your claim#2025196 status is now “Pending”.

Service USA will notify you via email on any future claim#2025196 status changes.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may experience.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, or if you require assistance with an issue in the future, please contact Living Spaces at 877-266-7300.

This is BS !


Service USA Warranty Team

@Kai Lee

Exactly! I had received same email!

My case is We bought 100% wool rug paid $700 and plus 5yr insurance.

Guess what??

I spill coffee 2days after I got delivered!! I claimed for insurance and almost half year later I got this mail.


I am dealing with them now over a wool rug. They sent two different companies out to remove the stain.

The last technician said he’d ruin the rug if he attempted to clean it. They said that technician told them the issue was resolved. Unreal!!! I feel scammed.

I flipped out!

I just sent more pictures and am waiting to hear back. I have a very bad feeling.


Never again I will not by anything from living spaces any more the furniture had really bad bed bugs .and they said they can not help me because the warranty does not cover bed bugs I would never buy any thing from them any more .


Did It get delivered with them? Or did the furniture acquire them at your residence?

Because it seems hard to believe they were delivered with bed bugs unless you ordered the bed bug collection! It’s weird when anonymous people complain!


Yes living space has cheap furniture in dealing with the frame on my sofa broken. They came out 1 time to fix the board in back of the sofa.

The boards are like the board in front of my cutting board in the kitchen. Thin piece of ***. Not they saying it's wear and tear B. S we have no little children at home to break then.

5 year warranty on frame.

That's a breach of contact if they don't fix them. Don't Buy From Living Spaces false advertising on T V


In regards to the complainer above, your a perfect example. First let me point out a few things to you.

First you state that you were given the 5yr contract for coverage, which clearly defines what is, and what's not covered under that policy.. Yet rather then understand what you purchased when it's right on the paper in front of you... If you had you would have read that under CA law you are entitled to a PRORATED refund for any extended warranty policy.. Rather then handle your own affairs in some intelligent fashion, you rely on others to spend there time to figure out and to explain the basics of life to you, pathetic people get what pathetic people deserve...

Blame your teachers your parents and yourself, for not preparing yourself to understand basic purchase agreements... What that means, is the return policy of the place your buying something from, including delivery, warranty claims, what is covered and for how long, is it in home service or do you have to arrange transport to and from to obtain warranty service... all of these things I know for a fact are on your receipt had you bothered to look but people like you don't bother..

And no I don't for the place... rather look your receipt, and respond to my claims as being right or wrong..


You can't even type up a legible and understandable post learn to actually write a paragraph with real words and words that have meaning before you want to post something and try to trash someone else a lot of what you said had made no sense because I think you left out words or something do you not speak English as your first language what's wrong with you!


Take them to small claims court